Nook Calendar

UX / Marketing

Nook Technologies Inc.
Webflow, Figma, Adobe CC
February 2022 - Present
IOS, Motion Design,
Usability, Gamify.

How can we differentiate our app in a competitive landscape?

In a landscape where the nature of work is evolving, how do we stand out as the ultimate productivity tool?

I helped the team at Nook Calendar pivot from being a location based calendar app to build out numerous updates including the personal booking page and the onboarding flow.

* Since the project is ongoing, some works are omitted to maintain confidentiality.

Product Hunt

Product Video

When we launched on product hunt we needed a video demonstrating the feature set for Nook Calendar. Our launch earned us #1 Product of the Day and #3 Product of the week. I produced this video, designed the assets for the launch and helped engage with our audience.

During this time, our site traffic increased dramatically and so did our monthly active users (MAU).



I have been responsible for reimagining the onboarding process. The challenge was to lead users through authentication and privacy permissions while keeping them engaged and excited about the product.


I animated this sequence to show the value of our "People Bar". Our intention was to show the user this functionality before asking them to add or invite their colleagues.

Adjustments were made to show the equivalent information on mobile.

Personal Booking Page

Wizard Set-up

After users are introduced to their calendar grid, they have the option to set-up their personal booking page. I designed the steps to claim your personal URL configure your booking page.

Adjustments were made to recreate this functionality on the mobile app.

Booking Experience

We designed this page in response to criticism surrounding Calendly's booking page. It was designed to give visitors a friendly welcome page before they select a time to meet.

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